Thank you for visiting this meeting space for Latin American harpists! By joining you will receive various benefits while contributing to the development of the harp community in general.

What is your membership used for?

Your membership will be used to cover the operational costs of the association, funding the events and educational activities, live or online, and the creation of a fund for future grants that will offer aid and support to our members in various ways.

In addition to being part of the harp community in Latin America, being a member of the Latin American Harp Association provides you with the following benefits:
  • Admission at no additional cost to the Latin American Harp Forum.
  • Access to online lectures, master classes, and workshops by leading Latin American and international harp professionals. At least 6 activities yearly.
  • Access to eventual grants that will offer specific aid and support to our members in various ways.
  • Discounted rate when acquiring harp insurance through Anderson Group.
  • Counsel and advice on acquiring harps, strings, scores, etc.
  • Discount on the subtitled videos at Harp Column Academy (Coming soon!)
  • Blog for community input on topics of interest, sharing concerns or advice.
  • Classified ad space to publish and consult for harp related topics.
  • Access to publish and consult relevant harp events on our calendar.

Membership options:


Up to 25 years old 1 year membership 400 MXN

Adult - 1 year

No age limit
1 year membership
800 MXN

Adult- 2 years

No age limit 2 year membership 1500 MXN

If you chose the YOUTH membership, please send us a proof of age document to: to verify your information and process your registration.

ATTENTION: Only those who have already paid the membership fee will be accepted.