The Latin American Harp Association aspires to connect, optimize communication and unify harpists throughout Latin America, promoting professional solidarity in order to create equitable and accessible opportunities.

Mission statement

Our mission is to create a cooperation and development network for harpists in Latin America through educational programs and resources, concerts, discussion and performance platforms. Likewise, we are promoters and representatives before international institutions supporting harp and culture affairs, always promoting the values of unity, empathy, respect, solidarity, social development and artistic excellence.


  • Promote the development of repertoire, techniques, and common knowledge of the pedal harp among Latin America’s harpists and the general public.
  • Promote professional solidarity and joining forces among harpists in and outside Latin America.
  • Advocate the access, development and deepening of knowledge available for Latin American harpists.
  • Develop the common knowledge of the pedal harp and its repertoire in Latin American society.
  • Achieve a fair representation of Latin American harpists and repertoire on the international harp scene.
  • Counsel for harpists on acquiring instruments, strings, scores, etc.
  • Counsel for harpists on the application procedures to educational institutions, festivals, orchestra academies, etc.
  • Promote Latin American papers, books and articles on the harp and its repertoire.
  • Support and encourage the musical, artistic and professional development of our members.
  • To listen and serve the harp community’s needs in Latin America.

The Asociación Latinoamericana del Arpa.AC is registered in the Registro Federal de las Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil in book number 957, RRS’THP’RRS- deed number 49123, established in Mexico City on June 8, 2021. If you wish, you can review the document in its entirety in said federal registry or in the Members Area of our website, if you already paid a membership.